1-a The Society of Hard Tissue Biology Summary
1-b The rule of the society
1-c. An organization chart, A share of the office, A list of members
1-d Schedule of Publication of The Journal of Hard Tissue Biology
Chapter 1 General rule
1. This society is named The Society of Hard Tissue Biology.
2. The office of this society is placed in Nihon Gakujutu Kyouryoku Foundation 
Chapter 2 Purpose and Duties
3. The purpose of this society is to research on hard tissue and related gene structure, interchange the information about research technology and its development and promote friendship among the members
4. The Society practice the following duties to achieve the purpose.
1. Scientific conference, Publication of the journal, Holding of lecture
2. Business to fulfill the purpose of the Society
Chapter 3 Member
5. The Society is composed of members who agree to the purpose. Members consist of 
    Active members and Supporting members
6. Applicant should submit the filled application form with entrance due and annual due to the 
7. Supporting members support the Society to fulfill the purpose and consist of a person and 
    company who are admitted by conference with payment of the decided dues.
8. A member who donft pay the due over 2 years is regard as a nonmember.
9. The Society is admitted to have advisers and emeritus members.
Chapter 4 Committee
10. The Society places the following committee
        1. President
        2. Vice-president
        3. Chairman of conference
        4. Director a few 
        5. Auditor 2 
11. Organization and duties of committee are as follows. 
        1. The president represents and controls the Society.
        2. The vice-president cooperates with the president and replaces him at the time of the presidentfs 
        3. The chairman of conference arranges the scientific meeting. 
        4. The director shares the tasks of the Society. 5. The Auditor checks the accounting. 
12. The election of committee is as follows. 
    1. The president is elected among members of the committee and admitted by the general conference.
    2. Every committee is elected and admitted by the members of the Society and is reported to the 
        general conference. 
    3. The auditor is elected among the members of the Society and admitted by the general conference. 
    4. The chairman is recommended among the committee and reported to the general conference. 
    5. The way of election has not been decided yet. 
13. The duration of the duties is as follows.
    1. The duration of the executives and the auditor is 3 years and reappointment is possible.
    2. The duration of the chairman of the conference is 1 year.
 Chapter 5 Conference 
14. The president holds the meeting of the committee more than 1 time every year. 
     The meeting of the committee deliberates the following items and get agreement at the meeting. 
     1. Report of business and account settlement
     2. Plan of business and a budget 3. Other items recognized necessary 
15. The general conference should be held once a year by the president and the re report of business 
      should be given and admitted. Chapter 6 Accounting and Annual due 
16. Cost of the Society depends on annual due of members and other income 
17. Entrance dues is 1,000 Yen, Annual dues is  7,000 Yen (student  5,000 Yen) and dues of supporting 
      member is 20,000 Yen. 
18. Accounting and budget should be admitted through deliberation of the general conference. 
19. Fiscal year begins at 1 January and ends at 31 December. Chapter 7 Appendix     
20. Change of the rule should be admitted by the general conference according to decision  of the