Induction of bone and cartilage by functionally graded-HAp / BMP-2 on rat skull periosteum


@@@@@@Jun Hino1, Masaru Murata1, Toshiyuki Akazawa2, Mie Naraoka2, Junichi Tazaki1, and Makoto Arisue1


1Second Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, School of Dentistry, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

2Department of Materials Technology, Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute


The objective of this study is to estimate the induction of bone and cartilage by absorbable hydroxyapatite block (fuctionally graded-hydroxyapatite:fg-HAp)/ rhBMP-2 (5ƒÊg) on rat skull periosteum, the absorption of fg-HAp and the observation of the periosteum histologically. As a result, body fluid permeated the inside of fg-HAp scaffold which were fragmented by degradation and absorption. The formation of hard tissue wasnft found in the fg-HAp alone, while in the fg-HAp/BMP-2, the formation of bone and cartilage started in the outer layer of the implanted materials and the soft tissues including periosteum existed between the induced tissues and the skull bone. Therefore, it seems that periosteum has homeostasis as a boundary membrane of the hard tissue formation.