Instructions to Authors for Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts


    The Journal of Hard Tissue Biology is the official journal of the Society of Hard  Tissue Regenerative Biology.


The Journal publishes original research articles and invites short reviews. The article must be complete with a rationale, pertinent  study


data and a conclusion.The articles should be as brief as possible while still presenting the necessary information for an evaluation by readers.




Manuscripts should be submitted to:


Tohru Takagi, Editorial Secretariat


Journal of Hard Tissue Biology


1-10-11-905 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0014, Japan


Tel/Fax: 03-3268-6397     E-mail:





Authors may wish to use rapid mail service. Receipt of the manuscript will be confirmed by facsimile.


Manuscript must be written in English and typed double-spaced with 2.5 cm margins on all sides using A-4 papers, and submitted in


triplicate with at least two sets of original figures.Authors whose command of English is not thorough should enlistthe aid of an English-


speaking colleague or editor.Pages should be numbered consecutively beginning with the title page.A 3.5 inch diskette (floppy disc) 


containing the abstract, the full text,tables, legends to figures, and references should, if possible, accompany the original submission. The 


diskette may be in Macintosh or PC format and should use commonly used software such as Microsoft word or WordPerfect. The name of


the corresponding author, the date, the hardware and the software used should appear on the label of the diskette.


The inability to provide a diskette will not affect acceptance but could delay publication.


The manuscripts will be reviewed initially for appropriateness and general format at the Editorial Office. When possible, rapid mail service


and facsimile will be utilized. The manuscript will be either fully accepted, accepted with minor changes, rejected with an invitation


to resubmit after major changes, or rejected. All decisions may be appealed to the Editor. All correspondence should be addressed to the




Authors of accepted manuscripts will receive only one proof. It must be returned promptly to avoid a delay in publication. The proof


should be marked “Ready for Press” and signed by the corresponding author. Any major changes made in the proof will require that the


paper be reviewed again by the Editor and may delay in publication.




Reprints should be ordered on the form provided when returning the proof.


Consult recent issues of the Journal for examples of the format to use. Manuscripts must be organized as follows:





1. Title page. This page should include: (a) full title of the paper; (b) names and affiliations of the authors; (c) a short running title; and


(d) the name, address, telephone number and facsimile number of the corresponding author.





2. Abstract (page 2). The abstract should provide a concise description of the study and summarize its major conclusions in 300 words or


less. It must be able to stand alone for use by abstracting services. Use full references when necessary, not citations.


Follow the abstract with 2-5 key words in alphabetical order for indexing.





3. Text. The text should be divided into: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion.


The discussion should be brief and limited to interpretations and reasonable speculation.





4. Abbreviations. Accepted standard abbreviations may be used. Nonstandard abbreviations should be defined by a footnote or in


parenthesis when first used in the text.





5. Footnotes. Footnotes should be used only when necessary. They should be indicated by superscript numbers and placed on a separate


page. Footnotes in a table should be placed under the table.





6. Acknowledgments. Acknowledgments to consultants, others who contributed in the study, and supporting agencies should appear on


  a separate page.





7. References. Each reference should include the surnames and initials of all the authors, full title of the article, journal name using standard


  abbreviations, volume, inclusive pages, and year of publication in the format shown below:





Journal article


Missana L., Nagai N. and Kuboki Y. Comparative histological studies of bone and cartilage formation induced by


various BMP-carrier composites. Jpn J Oral Biol 36:9-19,1994




Chapter in a book


Bilezikian J.P.: Clinical disorders of the parathyroid glands. In: Clinical Endocrinology of Calcium Metabolism, ed. by Martin TJ and


Raisz LG, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York and Basel, 1987, pp 53-96. Book


Watson J.D., Gilman M., Witkowski J. and Zoller M.: Recombinant DNA. New York Press, 1992.





8. Legends for Figures. These should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and complied separately from the text.





9. Tables. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals, and each table should be on a separate page.





10. Figures. The publisher and the editor are resolved to provide the best possible reproductions of the illustrations. To do this, the authors


 must submit high quality originals.




Line drawings


The originals should be in India ink with three photographic copies, or they may be computer drawn if the quality is high.





Use unmounted, high-gloss prints. Write the name of the senior author and figure number on the back with a soft pencil or use a label to


 avoid damaging the print. Indicate which set is to be reproduced. Use “press-on” or “insert” etterings or equivalent. If possible,


l combine photographs in a composite not larger than 17 cm × 22 cm. Color photographs and illustrations will be charged to the authors.


 The charge for one page of color is $500. Second and subsequent pages, up to four, will cost $100 per page (US$1.00 = \110).




  Amino acid and nucleic sequences: Sequences may be computer printed using a monospace font and a high quality printer.





Changes in policy of English editing and editing expenses


To ensure uniformity in style and language quality throughout the journal, all the papers submitted to the journal will be edited for writing


style and English syntax by the language advisor. The authors will be responsible for the expenses involved in this editing. A small charge 


will be made if there are few changes in the manuscript, while a charge per A4 page will be made for manuscripts that require substantial


editing. If authors would like to seek editorial assistance prior to submission, they should contact the language advisor directly (e-mail: The editing service is provided at a special discount rate for authors submitting their papers to


Journal of Hard Tissue Biology. Authors from overseas submitting papers to the journal should contact the Chief Editor


  (e-mail: regarding the cost of editing.





Editorial contacts


Chief Editer


     Noriyuki Nagai  (e-mail:


Editorial Secretariat: & Chief Manager


     Tohru Takagi    (e-mail:




  Jose Vreven



University of Catholic Louvain, Velgium


  Mechmet Gunduz

Fatih University, Turky


  Jing Xiao

Dalian Medical University, China






  A. Hari Reddi (University of California, USA)                                               Chong  Huat  Siar (University of Malaya, Malaysia)


  Chunlin Qin (University of Texas  Health  Science  Center,  USA)                Crispian Scully (University of London, UK)


  Diampo Jahara Lim (University of the East, Philippines)                               Frederic Cuisinier (University of Louis Pasteur, France)


  Gabriel Landini (University of Birmingham, UK)                                            Guy Daculsi (University of Nantes, France)


  Gao Wen Xin (Jilin University, China)                                                            Henri Tenenbaum (University of Louis  Pasteur,  France)


  James C. Elliott (University of  London, UK)                                                 Jiao Xiao Hui (Harbin Medical University, China)


  Kristiina Heikinheimo (University of Turuk, Finland)                                     Liliana Missana (Tucuman University, Argentina)


  Malcolm L. Snead (University of Southern California, USA)                          Michel Goldberg (Universite Paris V,  France)


  Ming-Yung Chou (Chung shan Medical University, Taiwan)                          Paul Ducheyne (University of Pennsylvania, USA)


  Racquel Z. LeGeros (New York University, USA)                                          Sam-Pyo Hong (Seoul University, Korea)


  Guowu Ma (Dalian Medical University, China)                                              Yasuhiko Tabata (Kyoto University, Japan)


  Zhenfu Lu (China Medical University, China)




Managing  Editor


Chief:  Tohru Takagi   (Tokyo)


            Abdrea P. Rodoriguez  (Argentina))                                                       Bingzhen huang  (China)


            Cheng-Hsiung Roan  (Taiwan)                                                               Gulsan Ala Sathi  (Bangladesh)


            Jin Tan  (China)                                                                                      Masae Fujii  (Japan)


            Mathuieu B. Lefuve  (Francce)                                                               Phuu P.Han  (USA)


            Rosario R. Buery  (Philippines)                                                             Sivia S Borkosky  (Germany)


            Toshiyuki Kawakami  (Japan)                                                               Toshiro Sakae  (Japan)


            You-jin Lee  (Korea)






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1Journal of Hard Tissue Biology(和文)は硬組織細胞およびそれらの関連領域に関するテーマの






2.投稿は筆頭著者は硬組織再生生物学会会員またはJHTB Net Association会員(団体)の会員であればよい。

















1 Journal of Hard Tissue Biology(和文)は硬組織細胞およびそれらの関連領域に関する上記のテ-マの特集






2 投稿は筆頭著者は必ず硬組織生物学会員であることが定められている。(会員登録は下記参照)



3 投稿原稿は、タイトル、氏名、所属および抄録は和英で記載する。また、参考文献は英文参考文献を対象と




4 投稿原稿は規定にそった形で編集委員会に届いた日を受付日とし、審査終了日をもって受理日とする。



5 投稿原稿は英文、和文共通事項を以下に示す。送付先 に送付する。



6.   和原稿は、文中の英、数文字は半角とし、前後には半角スペースを入れる。改行マークは段落の最後のみ。



    段落の字下げは行わないこと。 また特殊文字は使用しない(例、罫線、下線、ローマ数字など)。













  **送付方法: Mail添付による投稿



1)       Mail添付による投稿では、タイトル (ランニングタイトル、キーワード含む)、 氏名、 所属ならびに住所(国名含む)、連絡先 アドレス、電話)等を記載してください。Text原稿 (抄録含む) はすべてWord. DOCで記し、 PDFと共に送付。 図表はペイント、Photoshop等jpeg,エクセル、(図のワード添付は参照程度) (注意:PW- パワーポイント は不受理



2) File形式はMSDOSの場合は、Text Fi1eMacintoshの場合は、Text FileまたはWord形式として、



   入力し原稿と共に投稿する。Macintosh fileの場合に限り、 日本文は平成明朝、半角文字はTimes Font



   (ギリシャ文字のみSymbol font)を使用すること。



3 論文はタイトル、氏名、所属、住所(国)、抄録、緒言、材料および方法、結果、考察、謝辞、参考文献の




4 抄録(Abstract 700words以内)は別紙にKey Words5語以内を明記す。 



5 図表および写真は、本文とは別にまとめる。






6 カラー写真の白黒印刷は不適です。あらかじめ白黒を用意してください。



7   本文中の外国語の人名・地名・物件名などは原語で記し、薬品名は一般名で書くことが望ましい。









8   本文中他の文献より文章、図、表等を引用する場合は予め著作権者の了解を得ること。その際は、



      出典 (著者名、著者、雑誌名、発行年、頁)を論文中に明記する。



9   本文中の文献の表記は引用箇所に引用順に右肩上に番号を記す。また、参考文献は次の要領で表記する。



      a 雑誌の場合は著者名(全員)表題 雑誌名 発行年 巻(号):貫一頁の順。



      b 書籍の場合は、著者名(編者)表題 版数 pp貫一頁 発行年(西暦年号)発行所 発行地の順









aUrist M .R, Huo Y K, Brownell A. G, Hohl W M,Buyske J, Lietze A, Tempst P,Hunkapillar M, and DeLange R. J.



     Purification of bovine bone morphogenetic protein by hydroxyapatite



     chromatography. Proc Natl Acad Sci  USA 81:371375, 1984



b)永井教之、長塚仁:骨・歯牙組織の病理検査法と研究技術の実際(永井教之編)学際企画 日本: 1990 pp1-28 






10  総説、レビュー、技術紹介、速報は英文和文を問わない。刷上り5頁以内とし、表題、著者名、



      所属機関および所在地(郵便号)、Key Word5Words以内)および英文抄録等は第1夏として扱う。









11  著者による校正は原則初校とし、初稿以外の校正中に原稿の字句を追加または削除したり、図、表の変更は認められない。



12  度量衡の単位は、SI単位系を原則とする。



        重量 kg mg mol mmol nmol Eq wt                長さ m cm mm mm nm



      容積 l ml m1 m3 cm3 mm3              濃度 M mM mM M ppm ppb mg



      時間 h min sec                    温度



      その他 pK Bq mbq cpm dpm pH Km Rf



    TextFile中で表示できないギリシャ文字または記号はSpell Outする(→angstrom,μ→micro, mu)。



      原稿には表示できない文字または記号は朱書によって表記する。Macintosh fileの場合にはギリシャ文字



      は全てSymbol fontによって記述すること。



13)   本誌掲載の編集著作物は本学会に帰属するものとする。ただし、論文の内容に関しては著者が責任を負う。



      雑誌発行予定  英文発行 毎年1号、2号、3号、和文随時(隔年4号として)



    問い合わせ先: JHTB 編集事務局:E-Mail: